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Challenges in Foam Design

Successes in Material Development

Global Electronics

  • Problem: A global electronics brand came to us with an issue concerning heat build-up in their consumer headphones.
  • Solution: We developed a unique viscoelastic foam pad and integrated phase change technology in order to keep the customer cool!

Space Administration

  • Problem: The Space Administration had issues with off-gassing of foams in the interior of vehicles.
  • Solution: We substantially reduced off-gassing to a negligible level.

Medical Industry

  • Problem: A customer in the medical industry had an issue with patients suffering pressure ulcers from the operating table during lengthy surgeries.
  • Solution: We developed a viscoelastic foam and gel composite to reduce incidents of pressure ulcers developing during surgeries.

Military Application

  • Problem: A critical military application required a compact seat able to withstand desert conditions while providing user comfort.
  • Solution: We developed a state-of-the-art memory foam with shock absorption characteristics, stable in high-temperature environments.

Medical Supplier

  • Problem: A medical supplier had an issue regarding patient stability during high-incline surgical positions.
  • Solution: We developed an adhesive-free material with a high frictional coefficient capable of stabilizing the patient.

At Bergad, we are problem solvers.  Every project represents a challenge, and we have the history, expertise, and forward-thinking philosophy to provide products beyond your expectation.

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